About Soteria

As the province shifts the majority of healthcare from in-person visits to virtual visits, there is a necessity for patients to have access to tools to measure vitals signs and other disease related metrics in order to manage chronic diseases effectively.

MediCall’s Soteria program empowers patients to remotely monitor conditions under the supervision of one of MediCall’s doctors or in collaboration with their family doctor or specialists. 

Please see our Conditions and Equipment page for current conditions that we currently offer remote monitoring for and links to examples of equipment that would be required to purchase to participate in the Soteria remote monitoring program. Please note that MediCall, nor the physicians that work for MediCall, have any affiliation with the companies or vendors listed in each link. We encourage you to shop around for the best available price.


If you have a health spending account through private insurance the cost of medical equipment could potentially be reimbursed with a prescription from one of our doctors. Please talk to your insurer to find out if your coverage will cover costs of monitoring equipment. If your insurer will cover the cost then please let your doctor know to issue you a prescription to submit to your insurance company.If you do not have private insurance and do not have the means to purchase equipment, MediCall will provide up to $100 to help with the purchase of equipment. This is only applicable to the first 20 patients who enroll in one of the Soteria pathways AND do not have a health spending account. Please contact soteria@medicall.md for more information.