At MediCall we believe in providing accessible service for all Ontarians. In an era of uncertainty, the need to practice self-isolation and social distancing and reluctance to travel to see a health care provider, we are providing OHIP-COVERED video and phone assessments for all Ontarians.  At this time we, unfortunately, cannot perform home visits.

To book a video or phone assessment, please click on the below button -> please declare if you are a new or existing patient -> select “MediCall” for phone appointment and “Virtual Visit” for a video appointment -> proceed with rest of the booking process. 





For more information regarding COVID-19 please click on the following links:


The presentation of information on the Website and MediCall’s facilitation of connecting you with a Health Care Provider does not establish a doctor-patient relationship between you and MediCall and is not intended as a solicitation of individuals to become MediCall’s patients or clients. MediCall is not a party to the relationship between you and any Health Care Provider providing the Services.