Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking Process

How to book an appointment with Medicall.

Access to a physician doesn't need to be a frustrating process. Click the "Book An Appointment" button on any page, at any time, to start the process.


Here is step-by-step guide for how MediCall appointments work:



Book An Appointment

Click the "Book An Appointment" button on any page and enter the requested information. If you are an existing patient, please be sure to indicate this after clicking the Book An Appointment button. Once you've requested an appointment, you will be sent a questionnaire to help make your appointment more efficient.



Tests, Labs, Referrals, Prescriptions

After you are assessed, lab or test requisitions will be sent to you via secure messaging to complete. Our team will manage most specialist referrals and bookings. Prescriptions will be faxed directly to the pharmacy of your choice.



Communicating Results

Test results, lab results, specialist appointments, and specialist reports will be shared and explained to patients via secure messaging or phone as they are received.



Home Visit or Clinic Visit

If we are unable to manage your concern via phone, video or secure messenging then we will arrange a home visit by one of our physicians or arrange for a neaby physician to see you in their clinic within a reasonable time frame.



Connecting to your Family Doctor

After each visit, you are sent an electronic consent form if you wish for us to share a copy of your clinical note and any associated results with your Family Doctor. Once the consent is completed we will manage the rest!

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