Conditions and Equipment

597f4dc961ca7c70df16ea6a-largeAutomated Blood Pressure CuffCLICK HERE
Fingertip-Oximeter-4Pulse OximeterCLICK HERE
s-l300Weight ScaleCLICK HERE
monofilMonofilament for checking feetCLICK HERE
715uv8a4TgL._AC_SL1500_Measuring TapeCLICK HERE
glucoGlucometer**CLICK HERE
Infrared-Thermomether-Adults-and-kidsThermometerCLICK HERE
dopplerFetal DopplerCLICK HERE

*Our doctors can manage low-risk pregnancies up to the 20 week mark through a combination of remote monitoring, virtual visits and home visits. After the 20 week mark, we will refer you to your choice of labour and delivery specialist. After referring, our team can continue to monitor you and forward results to your labour and delivery specialist.

**Required if you are on insulin or if you have poorly controlled blood sugars

***Please note that MediCall, nor the physicians contracted by MediCall, have any affiliation with the companies or vendors listed in each of the above product example links. We encourage you to shop around for the best available price. The first 20 enrollees who cannot afford equipment AND do not have a health spending account will be reimbursed for their equipment purchases by MediCall up to a maximum of $100. Email for more details.

If you have a health spending account through private insurance, then the cost of the required medical equipment could potentially be reimbursed with a prescription from one of our doctors. Please talk to your insurer to find out if your coverage will cover costs of monitoring equipment. If your insurer will cover the cost then please let your doctor know to issue you a prescription to submit to your insurance company.