Our service may also work well as an adjunct to your current clinical work flow. Specifically, we can:

-help provide afterhours services for clinics that don’t have in-person after hours coverage

-help provide afterhours services for retirement homes that don’t have in-person after hours coverage

-perform post hospital discharge visits to reduce readmission rates

-provide in-home post-surgical assessments to reduce surgical site infections or post-surgical complications

-act as a referral source for other virtual care clinics where if another virtual care clinician’s assessment suggests that an in person assessment is necessary, we can help facilitate a Home Visit through MediCall to perform the in person assessment

-provides hotels, for a fee, with physician coverage in case a patron falls ill (in non-emergent cases)

If your clinic or facility would like for us to provide coverage after hours for your patients, please contact us at









If you are a licensed physician in Ontario and would like to join us, please email your CV, a copy of your CPSO registration and a copy of your CMPA coverage. We offer a number of benefits including:

-being part of a small (but growing), fun team

-startup culture

-low overhead (we can negotiate an extremely low overhead for early adopters especially given low administrative costs)


-flexible work hours

-flexible work locations/regions


-mobile friendly EMR that utilizes smart questionnaires, natural language conversion, structured data, integration with MDBilling, built in fax capacity, secure portal to send messages and clinical notes to Users and numerous other features that reduce administrative costs and increase efficiency