How Soteria Works

  • Book Appointment with a MediCall physician to determine eligibility. When asked to choose the reason for visit select Soteria Remote Monitoring Enrollment.
  • If eligible, you will be enrolled in a specific pathway to monitor your condition. Currently, we offer remote monitoring for Diabetes Type 2, Hypertension, COVID-19, Low Risk Pregnancy and Mental Health.
  • Purchase medical equipment for monitoring. If you already have your own equipment then please proceed with the next step.
  • Once you receive your equipment, please book an appointment with MediCall to review how to use your equipment as well as orient you to the program.
  • Download the secure UpPatient app. This app securely connects you to our system and allows you to interact with our team more efficiently. Android users or Apple users
  • Through the app, you will receive reminders and e-questionnaires at specific intervals based on your condition. Here is where you will measure requested vital signs using your equipment, fill out a questionnaire based off your condition, upload your measurements and securely transmit the information to us.
  • Anytime you send us a completed questionnaire or measurements, one of our doctors will contact you to review the findings. Depending on the nature of the findings, the doctor may reach out to you via secure messaging, phone, video or a home visit. Any required lab work, imaging or referrals or follow-ups will be coordinated during this visit.
  • With your consent we will send copies of your vitals and questionnaires to your care team.