MediCall’s Portal

MediCall’s Portal is a secure online website that gives you convenient 24-hour access to some of your personal health information and medical records from anywhere with an Internet connection. Patients can also book appointments online through our secure Portal. After you’ve completed your intake visit, the Portal can be accessed by clicking the Portal button at the top or bottom of this page or by clicking HERE .

What can I do with MediCall’s Portal?

You can securely view portions of your medical record that have been made available by your physician, including recent lab results and messages anytime and from anywhere you have Web access. Other features may include:

Receiving e-mail or texts from your health care team

Scheduling same day appointments

Updating your contact information

Completing questionnaires to help with your care

How do I get access to the Portal?

All registered patients have access to their Portal through the following link: https://medicall.inputhealth.com/portal#login. To log in you will need to enter your OHIP number (do not include your version code) or other insurance number that you provided during your registration and either the cell phone number or email that is recorded in your clinic chart. You will then receive a secure passcode to that number or email that you will enter into the into the Portal login page. This is to make sure only you have access to your health information.

To View Your Messages:

When your Health Care Provider sends you a message, you will be sent a one time pass code via text or email with a link to enter that passcode. The passcode expires in 24 hours. If the passcode has expired or you have trouble using it, please email admin@medicall.md to resend a new passcode. All messages are stored and retrievable in the portal.


Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about your health information. The Portal has privacy and security safeguards in place to protect your health information. There are other safety tips you should follow when accessing the Portal such as:

Always remember to protect your identification number

Never share your passcodes with anyone

Use an email address that only you have access to

Make sure to only log on to the Portal from a personal or secure computer

Log out of the Portal when you are finished

If downloading documents from the Portal, make sure to download them to a secure folder on your computer

If you believe your email has been hacked or you’ve lost your phone, email us at admin@medicall.md immediately or call us at 647-873-8936 to turn access to your Portal off